Our partners include:



Dayco – Steve Carolan:

“Chicane provides us with the marketing support that is vital in the continuing growth of our business. Being able to communicate with our customers, and potential customers, through all forms of trade media allows us to inform and educate the market and this simply would not be possible for us without Chicane’s expertise.”

ECOBAT Battery Technologies – Laura Jones:

“We have worked with Chicane for several years and the level of support that it provides us is first class. Whether we require releases announcing new introductions or press material for magazines or the national and international exhibitions we appear at, Chicane is always there to make sure we have what we, and the media, need.

“We also work together in the planning of our annual advertising campaign, after which we then leave Chicane to book the agreed schedule and coordinate the timely supply of copy. We consider Chicane an important part of the EBT team.”

First Line – Dan Joyner:

“We have been working with Chicane for a number of years and are extremely delighted that we found the perfect partner in the automotive industry. Their knowledge and insider contacts in this market are exceptional and have resulted in much great coverage for our brands. Best of all, they have an exceptional team who have a huge amount of knowledge and experience in the market.”

TecAlliance – Shaun Greasley:

“Communicating with the trade press is a specialist skill and requires experience and understanding of the market. Add to this challenge the need to inform and keep the market up-to-date about TecDoc products and support, and now TecRMI, with which the market outside Europe may possibly be less familiar, and it is clear why we work with Chicane, who have a track record of market knowledge and expertise in the aftermarket.”